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Publikationen 2018 | Institut für Anatomie Leipzig

1. Hesselbarth N, Kunath A, Kern M, Gericke M, Mejhert N, Rydén M, Stumvoll M, Blüher M, Klöting N (2018) Repin1 deficiency in adipose tissue improves whole-body insulin sensitivity, and lipid metabolism. Int J Obes (Lond). 41:1815-1823. 

2. Landmann J,  Richter F, Classen J, Richter A, Penninger JM, Bechmann I (2018) Behavioral phenotyping of calcium channel (CACN) subunit α2δ3 knockout mice: Consequences of sensory cross-modal activation. Behav Brain Res. Jan 2.

3. Chiziane E, Telemann H, Krueger M, Adler J, Arnhold J, Alia A, Flemmig J (2018) Free Heme and Amyloid-β: A Fatal Liaison in Alzheimer's Disease. J Alzheimers Dis. 61(3):963-984.

4. Puchert M, Koch C, Engele J (2018) The 5T4 oncofetal glycoprotein does not act as a general organizer of the CXCL12 system in cancer cells. Exp Cell Res. 364(2):175-183.

5. Ajami B, Samusik N, Wieghofer P, Ho P, Crotti A, Bjornson Z, Prinz M, Fantl W, Nolan G, Steinman L (2018) Single-cell mass cytometry reveals distinct populations of brain myeloid cells in mouse neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration models. Nat Neurosci. 21: 541-551

6. Fehrenbach MK, Tjwa M, Bechmann IKrueger M (2018) Decreased microglial numbers in Vav1-Cre+:dicer knock-out mice suggest a second source of microglia beyond yolk sac macrophages. Ann Anat. Apr 25.

7. Korn A, Surendran D, Krüger M, Maiti D, Huster D (2018) Ring Structure Modifications of Phenylalanine 19 Increase Fibrillation Kinetics and Reduce Toxicity of Amyloid β (1-40). Chem. Commun. Mar 18.

8. Korn A, McLennan S, Adler J, Krueger M, Surendran D, Maiti S, Huster D (2018) Amyloid β (1-40) Toxicity Depends on the Molecular Contact between Phenylalanine 19 and Leucine 34. ACS Chem Neurosci. 9(4):790-799.

9. Kosacka J, Nowicki M*, Paeschke S, Baum P, Blüher M, Klöting N (2018) Up-regulated autophagy: as a protective factor in adipose tissue of WOKW rats with metabolic syndrome. Diabetol Metab Syndr. doi: 10.1186/s13098-018-0317-6. eCollection 2018; *-equally as the first author

10. Haimon Z, Volaski A, Orthgiess J, Boura-Halfon S, Varol D, Shemer A, Yona S, Zuckerman B, David E, Chappell-Maor L, Bechmann I, Gericke M, Ulitsky I, Jung S (2018) Re-evaluating microglia expression profiles using RiboTag and cell isolation strategies. Nat Immunol. (in press)

11. Hammer N, Löffler S, Cakmak YO, Ondruschka B, Planitzer U, Schultz M, Winkler D, Weise D. Cervical vagus nerve morphometry and vascularity in the context of nerve stimulation - A cadaveric study. Sci Rep. 8(2018): 7997, DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-26135-8

12. Voet S, Mc Guire C, Hagemeyer N, Martens A, Schroeder A, Wieghofer P, Daems C, Staszewski O, Walle LV, Jordao MJC, Sze M, Vikkula HK, Demeestere D, Van Imschoot G, Scott CL, Hoste E, Gonçalves A, Guilliams M, Lippens S, Libert C, Vandenbroucke RE, Kim KW, Jung S, Callaerts-Vegh Z, Callaerts P, de Wit J, Lamkanfi M, Prinz M, van Loo G (2018) Nat Commun. 9: 2036.

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